Accidents in school bus accidents, I need a lawyer

In the event of an accident, we may be injured even if it is our fault or if we need an attorney. For this there are two specific coverages.

In the event of a driving accident there are many consequences. In addition to compensation for damage to people and things, covered by the RCA (automobile liability, mandatory for all vehicles), we may injure ourselves or need an attorney to assert our motives. For this there are two specific coverages.

Legal protection: what it is and how it works

This is an accessory guarantee offered by companies (and today requested by an increasing number of drivers) that covers the costs of receiving legal assistance in case of debate before a judge; But not only, this guarantee also covers any compensation for the court costs of the involved party, if so determined by the judge.

According to experts from the Chiarzza automobile and motorcycle insurance comparison portal: «This is a significant advantage: if the insurance company must pay the legal costs in the event that the insured has been involved in an accident but the legal protection policy offers legal and financial support to the insured, even if he is wrong. The idea of ​​error and reason obviously depends not only on the dynamics of the accident but also (and above all) on the unquestionable judgment of the expert, but, in any case, the support of a lawyer is essential. «

The legal protection policy, therefore, allows the insured to feel safe even if he is involved in very serious accidents or if there is a contest of guilt with other drivers, the legal protection policy allows the driver to request the support of a specialized lawyer. , of your choice or suggested by the insurance company.

Legal protection policy: the calculation of the estimate

Being an auxiliary guarantee, legal assistance is paid separately (it is not included in the premium of the civil liability insurance). However, some insurance companies offer a trial period for this coverage, which ranges from six months to a full year; or offer accessory warranty packages that also include legal protection.

Legal protection To take into account: ceiling, deductible, exclusions

The maximum limit is the maximum amount that the insurance company chooses to compensate, that is, the threshold beyond which the insured person must respond out of pocket.
The deductible is the minimum limit below which the company’s compensation is not activated, that is, the expense that remains the responsibility of the customer.

The exclusion clauses may vary from insurance to insurance, but generally apply in cases such as driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs or other violations committed by the driver (driving with a suspended license, administrative stop of the vehicle, failure to review of the car, etc.).
Some companies may propose a clause to waive the remedy, by which they agree not to seek compensation from the insured against a higher premium.

According to Clarity, it’s good to pay attention to expenses not covered. There are companies that cover only a part of the legal protection costs but do not include:

• the costs necessary to support a second lawyer who can defend the case
• the costs necessary to write additional documents
• payment of the lawyer for extrajudicial activities (that is, the friendly attempt to resolve the accident)
• the fee required by the lawyer to participate in the possible criminal trial

For whom it is recommended: The legal protection guarantee is especially recommended for those who travel a lot, especially for work, with their own cars.

Accidents in school bus accidents, I need a lawyer

Driving accident policy: how it works and what it covers

In the event of a failed car accident, the only person on board the vehicle who is not covered by any physical harm is the driver. For this reason, many insurance companies have chosen to add the possibility of insuring the driver to their policies, adding an auxiliary guarantee that bears the name of coverage for injuries to the driver.

This type of extension allows the driver to obtain compensation in the event of an accident caused while driving, whether other vehicles have been involved or the only vehicle involved is that driven by the injured person. The medical costs incurred, death and disability resulting from the accident can be compensated by the insurance company, following a specific table that indicates the amount compensated for each case.
Adding the driver injury extension to your insurance policy has a variable cost, which changes depending on the chosen company.

Driver injuries: special cases

According to Clarity experts: “You should pay close attention to the validity of this accessory warranty. In fact, the coverage in the event of a driver accident can be nominal and, therefore, be linked to the insurance holder, or it can be extended to all those who use that vehicle. If it is a private vehicle, nominal insurance may be sufficient; If, on the other hand, it is a company car, it may be useful to extend insurance to all drivers. ”

Driver injury: when policy is void

In some cases, the insurance company may refuse to compensate for the damages presented. This can happen if the driver:
• drove while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs;
• did not wear a seat belt:
• caused the accident with the clear purpose of obtaining compensation.

These are very common cases against which insurance companies want to protect themselves.

Who it’s recommended for: The Driver Accident Warranty is especially recommended for inexperienced drivers who use the car a lot.

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