You don’t always know the lawyer you are going to hire so it is important to make a good choice. To help you with this, we have prepared a list of questions you should ask the potential lawyer who will handle your case so that you know if he or she is the right person. It is good to keep a record of these questions, as they can be forgotten at the time of the interview.


Make a note of them:

Do you have clients who can talk about their experience?

An experienced insurance attorney will have clients who can testify about their legal case. Check their credentials or visit their website if they have one.

How much experience do you have in this type of case?

Just because a lawyer is licensed does not mean that he or she is fully trained to handle court cases, so this question is very important. Each state has its laws and lawyers do not always know them well. For this reason, if your traffic accident occurred near your home, it is advisable to hire an attorney from that same jurisdiction.

Also, make sure that the lawyer has allies with whom he can work in each of the jurisdictions.

Each court has its processes in addition to state and national regulations. Each judge has his or her way of handling cases so it is important to know an attorney who has connections and who knows the staff working in the court that hears your case.

Who will be trying or handling my case?

It is good to have an interview with the attorney who will be handling your case, as it is a way to get to know the attorney and get an idea of how this person is doing. Usually, the person you talk to to make an appointment is not the lawyer who will be handling your claim. Make sure that the assigned lawyer is licensed and experienced in the subject matter of the incident.

Can I learn about your history as a lawyer?

It is important to know the experience and capabilities of the law firm you choose. What resources are available to you for traffic accident cases, whether you know doctors and experts, or any other information you feel is relevant.

Has the firm received any awards for its work in a traffic accident and personal injury cases?

What would be the cost of representation?

Most attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, meaning that you pay a percentage of what you get if you win the case, however, these arrangements may vary from firm to firm.

What percentage of the claim does the firm accept?

Should expenses be paid as they arise or deducted from your compensation?

Do the fees increase if your case goes to court? It is important to discuss the specifics of the expenses and fees with the firm to have a clear understanding of your obligations before you reach an agreement and sign it.

These are some of the key questions to master when selecting an attorney, which will help clarify many issues.

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