Among the types of accidents at work, there are also injuries caused by the handling of machinery that occur even when there are knowledge and safety measures to operate the machines.

Machine-related injuries remain a major concern in labor-intensive industries such as construction, production, manufacturing, and agriculture.

Types of Machinery Accidents

The risks related to the machines used by a worker depend on the activity in which he works, as well as the type of machinery he drives.

Some of the most common machine accidents are:

– Workers trapped or crushed by heavy equipment.

– Tips, appendages, hair or clothing caught in machinery or gears.

– Workers hit by the movement of machinery.

– Slips and falls with industrial machines.

– Hanging scaffold accidents.

– Escalator accidents.

– Accidents due to the improper use of tools.

– Accidents due to the handling of heavy machinery.

– Accidents with industrial machines.

Common types of injuries with machines

– Loss of limbs, hands or feet.

– paralysis

– broken or fractured bones

– internal bleeding or ruptured organs

– burns

– Breaks, abrasions or cuts.

– Permanent nerve damage.

Consequences of accidents at work with machines.

The most common when such an injury occurs is:

Physical repercussions (injuries or illnesses).

2.    Payment of medical bills (medical consultations, treatment, medicines, surgeries, etc.)

3.    Metal diseases, such as anxiety, stress or depression.

4.    Loss of income (due to disability)

Labor claims for accidents caused by the use of machinery require the assistance or representation of an attorney.

Experienced personal injury attorneys have extensive experience in workers’ compensation cases. They protect your rights to compensation by keeping your information confidential.

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